"Wholemeal flour and flour with active wheat germ. Manitoba flour to refresh the mother yeast, mineral water, Cipro salt, olive oil. The dough rises 12/16 hours."


la ricotta di bufala € 10,00:
tomato sauce, buffalo ricotta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, olives from Taggia, basil, pink pepper, olive oil O

la margherita di bufala €10,00:
tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil

l’agerola € 14,00:
tomato sauce, smoked buffalo,mozzarella, yellow cherry tomatoes, mizuna salad, oregano, olive oil

la marinara di calamari* € 15,00:
tomato sauce, squid, garlic, yellow cherry tomatoes, oregano, basil, chilli, olive oil

la n’duja calabrese (hot spreadable salami) € 15,00:
tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, n’duja calabrese, olives from Taggia, tomatoes, basil, olive oil

la salamino indiavolato € 15,00:
tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, spicy salami from Napoli, caramelized red onion from Tropea, chilli, oregano, olive oil

l’amatriciana € 16,00:
tomato sauce, tomatoes, Patanegra lard, caramelized red onion from Tropea, ewe’s cheese, black pepper, basil, olive oil

la cotto di culatello & carciofi € 16,00:
tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, cooked ham culatello, artichokes of Rome, basil, olive oil

la cotto di culatello & funghi cremini € 16,00:
tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, cooked ham culatello, ewe’s cheese, olive oil

la filetto di tonno & rossa di tropea € 16,00:
tomato sauce, stracciatella cheese, tuna fillet, caramelized red onion from Tropea, capers, basil, olive oil

la carciofi di Roma , alici & calamari € 17,00:
tomato sauce, stracciatella cheese, squid, Artichokes of Rome, anchovies from Mar Cantabrico, parsley, olive oil

la frutti d’amare € 18,00:
tomato sauce, tomatoes, Argentina prawns, New Zeland green mussels, squid, basil, garlic, chilli, parsley, olive oil


la zucchine & crudo € 16,00:
provola cheese from Tuscany, Parma row ham, courgette, pumpkin seeds, olive oil

la 6 verdure € 16,00:
buffalo mozzarella, fresh mushroom, baked aubergine, courgette, yellow cherry tomatoes, roman artichokes, watercress salad, olive oil

la Cantabrico € 16,00:
buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, anchovies from mar Cantabrico, olives from Taggia, capers, basil, pink pepper, olive oil

la mortadella di Prato € 16,00:
buffalo mozzarella, mortadella from Prato, provola cheese from Tuscany, olives from Taggia, pink pepper, olive oil

la “beccafico“ € 16,00:
buffalo mozzarella, anchovies from mar Cantabrico, breadcrumbs, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, Corinto raisins, oregano, basil, olive oil

la gamberi Argentina* € 17,00:
stracciatella cheese, baked tomatoes, Argentina prawns, buffalo ricotta, courgette, olive oil

la parmigiana di melanzane € 16,00:
buffalo mozzarella, aubergine, baked tomatoes, parmesan, yellow cherry tomatoes, basil, breadcrumbs, parsley, olive oil

la piada ai 4 formaggi (folded pizza) € 17,00:
smoked buffalo mozzarella, provola cheese from Tuscany, Saint Agur cheese, ewe’s cheese, watercress salad

la "culazza" € 17,00:
stracciatella cheese, tomatoes, mizuna salad, Parma row ham, Saint Agur cheese, olive oil

la bresaola di toro Valtellina € 17,00:
buffalo mozzarella, bull bresaola from Valtellina, parmesan, mizuna salad, honey, black sesame seeds, olive oil

la tacchino & zucca € 17,00:
pumpkin cream, sun dried tomatoes, honey roast turkey, parmesan, almonds, basil, olive oil

la papero nero € 18,00:
3 tomatoes types, smoked buffalo mozzarella, Parma row ham, basil, black sesame seeds, olive oil